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Taking your design to the next level

Artwork on your walls draws the eye, and pulls together the overall design of a space. This helps to make a space more inviting and complete. We can help to pair all the correct pieces to go with your room design to ensure that you will love the space you are in. We work with great vendors to provide a vast selection with endless possibilities.

Our company philosophy is very simple.  We treat everyone with fairness, respect and honesty. We produce a 100 page full color catalog every year along with a mid-year 20 page full color supplement. We have a total of four new introductions per year.

Paragon's products are sold through leading home furnishings retailers and interior designers throughout the United States. With 90% of our products assembled in Albertville, AL, Paragon is committed to being a domestic manufacturer, making high quality, stylish products and providing superior customer service.