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Spice up your design with a bold accent.

Don’t let the thought of wallpaper take you back to your thoughts of floral prints in an outdated home. With the modern advancements to the application and the bold new styles available, we can help to make a statement with in the design of your space with these amazing options.

Drawing from our past, the York Archives provide access to thousands of document designs dating back to the early 18th century. These furnish an inexhaustible source of inspiration and reference for our artists, designers, and stylists. The York Wallcoverings Studio, long recognized for innovative and fine artistry, is the largest and most prolific of its kind in the world.

They say that creativity spawns more creativity, and that couldn’t be more true for us. Since Tempaper’s inception, our customers have taken an imaginative approach to our product - not only using Tempaper on walls, but in other various (and sometimes unexpected) places — bookcases, shelving, staircase risers, ceilings, desks, and more. Our product has also been used as backdrops on production sets, including film and television, commercial photography and staging, as well as within wedding venues, retail displays, and trade show booths — truly illustrating there’s no surface too small or too big for Tempaper.